Develop, Network, and Realize

We develop solution approaches to meet the genuine medical needs of the population, which are realized in concrete projects with the help of professional, voluntary and financial inputs.

We help to improve the quality of medical service provision in Palestine and assist with the further education of specialist personnel.

We promote cooperation between Swiss, Palestinian and other international institutions and cultivate exchange programs.

medipalestine Switzerland and Germany

medipalestine Switzerland and medipalestine Germany work closely together on the projects. The goals and self-conception of both associations are congruent.

Medipalestine Switzerland:
medipalestine Switzerland is an association according to the Swiss Civil Code Art. 60 ff based in Dietikon ZH, Switzerland. medipalestine supports institutions and projects in Palestine and other Arab countries which serve to improve the health and living situation of the population. medipalestine is a purely humanitarian organization. The non-profit association is party-politically and denominationally neutral. It rejects any form of discrimination or oppression based on ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion or skin color and supports as far as possible projects and institutions which adhere to this principle.
The association does not pursue any commercial purposes and does not strive for profit. Its financial resources consist of membership fees and donations.
All employees are volunteers and do not receive a salary.

medipalestine Germany (a registered association):
medipalestine Germany is a registered association with its headquarters in Munich within the meaning of §§51 to 68 BGB.

Executive Board of medipalestine Switzerland:

President: Dr. Maysoon Iraki
Treasurer: Ms. Monika Schwyter
Mr. Luca Eusebio
Dr. Regina Graf
Mr. Urs Graf (lic. phil.)
Auditor: Ms. Astrid Hälg

Executive Board of medipalestine Germany:

Ms. Silke Jaeger
Dr. Maysoon Iraki
Ms. Monika Schwyter
Secretary: Mr. Quirin Kaletka

“medipalestine is a politically non-partisan and religiously neutral humanitarian organization”