Promotion of cooperative leadership

Promotion of cooperative leadership competence in socio-cultural diversity and in project management-Continuing education project for young men and women in the Arab region

Societies in the Arab world are undergoing a radical and highly complex process of change. The share of the population that is less than 30 years of age represents up to 60% of the total population, depending on the country. This means that the socio-economic and socio-political shaping of societies in the Arab region depends crucially on the current capabilities of this young generation.
In recent years, young men and women have joined forces in various forms of organization or associations, are involved in a wide variety of fields, are networked locally, regionally and in some cases internationally, and have a strong influence on social processes. With a basic attitude favoring the cooperative organization of their socio-culturally diverse coexistence and with extremely scarce resources, they are resolutely opposed to the systematic destruction of their livelihoods by openly internationally organized and financed terror.
Since 2016 medipalestine has supported the continuing education project led by the IKM Institute for Intercultural Communication and Management to promote cooperative leadership skills in socio-cultural diversity for young women and men in Arab countries. The visualization of the course content is assumed by Studio Eusebio.

“Bringing together professional skills”