Women Cancer Clinic:
Walk-in clinic for Gynecological
and Breast Cancer

On the 7 March 2011 the Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic in Ramallah commenced operation after an official opening ceremony. It was realized as a cooperative project between medipalestine and the Palestinian NGO Health Work Committees (HWCs). In the meantime, the responsibility and management of the clinic has been completely handed over to the HWCs.
The founding of this outpatient clinic makes it possible for the first time for patients in the West Bank with breast and genital cancer to obtain extensive medical care.
The Dunya Clinic aims to increase its cancer patients’ chances of survival and to improve their quality of life. Patients can reach Ramallah within the West Bank and are no longer required to do without the supportive presence of their relatives. Their dignity as well as their right to medical care are therefore now better protected.
Medical services at the clinic range from early diagnosis and the drawing up of treatment plans to outpatient treatment and follow-up care.
As was already the case at the cytopathology laboratory in Beit-Sahour (founded in 2006), the Dunya Clinic has access to international medical specialists by means of computer-assisted telemedicine.
In this way specialists may be consulted and case reviews carried out. This guarantees that the patients obtain treatment that meets current international standards.
As a non-profit medical project, Dunya does not strive to make a financial profit. The continued existence of the outpatient clinic is guaranteed by the HWCs.
Until March of 2012 the clinic was run by medipalestine. Supervision and management was assumed by Dr. Maysoon Iraki. During this period daily meetings with all members of the telemedicine staff in the clinic were held. The meetings provided a forum to discuss all present medical cases via video conference and to make recommendations regarding further clarifications and to decide on further treatment.
Additionally, Dr. Iraki travelled to Ramallah each month to train clinic personnel. Over time the staff became increasingly confident and independent in dealing with the new medical environment.
The services of the Dunya Clinic meet a medical need of the local population at a high standard. The clinic very quickly acquired an excellent reputation among medical institutions, the patients and the general public. Within a short time it became a recognized address for diagnosis of breast and genital tumors.
Local institutions and private persons now appreciate their responsibility in helping to support the work of the clinic.

Owing to this welcome development, and in order to strengthen the self-reliance and individual initiative of the local population, medipalestine decided to hand over responsibility for and management of the Dunya clinic earlier than planned to the local project partners (Health Work Committees). After a transitional period of six months and a final evaluation, the clinic was then handed over to the HWCs in the spring of 2013.


“For the first time, the patients in the West Bank with breast cancer, can obtain extensive medical care”