Project Breast Prosthesis,
“Modell Paula”

Initial Situation

In many regions of the world, as in Palestine, numerous cancer patients who have had breasts amputated have no access to reconstructive surgery and cannot afford the breast prosthesis commercially available. Many of these women suffer from their externally visible affliction. Moreover, the missing breast replacement can lead to chronic life-long postural defects.
Mrs. Paula Jacob and Mr. Schunke from Switzerland have designed a breast prosthesis from inexpensive materials and manufactured and further developed prototypes. Because of the simple process of manufacture and ease of handling, medipalestine is interested in their invention.
The two creators of the product are making their concept available to us. Members of the association are being trained in the manufacturing process and can pass on their acquired know-how to local charitable organizations or to skilled seamstresses in various regions of the world. In this way it is possible to provide those women affected with affordable prosthesis.
In 2013 medipalestine will begin with the implementation of the project in Palestine.
The association will evaluate procurement channels for suitable materials, document the manufacturing technique and brief staff on applying the prosthesis for patients in need.
Local seamstresses are being trained in the manufacture of these special inserts for the bras available. medipalestine is in the process of acquiring and securing funding for the project.

Campaign about breast prosthesis:

“Numerous cancer patients worldwide who have had breasts amputated cannot afford the breast prosthesis commercially available”