Project Breast Prosthesis,
“Modell Paula”

Ms. Paula Jacob and Mr. Schunke from Switzerland designed a breast prosthesis from low-cost materials, produced prototypes and developed it further. Due to the simple production process and uncomplicated handling, medipalestine became interested in it.
The association evaluates procurement channels for suitable materials, documents the technical production and provides instruction on the fitting of the prostheses to the wearers.
However, the breast prosthesis, which is made of glycerine, water, KCl and starch and is developed in cooperation with the Plastics and Technology Center (KATZ), could not yet be produced ready for use. On the one hand, solutions for some problems have not yet been found (tight welding, good wearing comfort, stability of the material); on the other hand, we have not found partners interested in the breast prosthesis.

Campaign about breast prosthesis:

“Numerous cancer patients worldwide who have had breasts amputated cannot afford the breast prosthesis commercially available”