Tubas Project

The building of the hospital should secure the provision of hospital medical care for up to 120000 people.

The region of Tubas is located in northwestern Palestine between the cities of Nablus and Jenin. It is spread out over a surface of some 442 sq.km. In this region there are 23 centers of agglomeration and a refugee camp. As the nearest cities Nablus and Jenin are repeatedly cordoned off, inhabitants are often cut off from any hospital medical care. The need for action is most urgent in the areas of emergency care and obstetrics. (Mothers or children often do not survive the births which take place at the checkpoints, and patients requiring emergency care often do not reach the hospital on time.)

The following people and institutions have supported this project:
Ärztinnen Schweiz MWS, Zonta Club Luzern Landschaft (Fundraiser with Gardi Hutter), Fondation Ousseimi Schweiz, various private persons and members of medipalestine.

As a consequence of the precarious conditions, our partner unexpectedly withdrew their promise of support. The justification for this withdrawal is not known to us in detail. For this reason, unfortunately, the clinic could never be opened. However, the equipment financed by medipalestine is being utilized in a similar clinic in Qualqilia (Westbank).

“In the district of Tubas there is a lack of specialized medical care”