medipalestine means Cooperation

Making quality medicine accessible to everyone

The projects supported and implemented by medipalestine enable the population – regardless of religion, political conviction, nationality or social class – to obtain access to high-quality medicine.

How we promote access to quality medicine:

We organize and finance various training courses for medical personnel. The events take place both in the Arab world and in Europe. In close cooperation with the university hospitals in Damascus, we are designing a tumor centre for the local population.

We founded the ‘Dunya Women’s Cancer Clinic’ in Ramallah, Palestine, in cooperation with local institutions and trained the staff.

Overcoming the Limitations of Isolation

Borders and isolation are much more than tangible barriers and politically imposed restrictions and limitations. The resulting hardship eats away at society and its culture. From this point of view, medipalestine’s projects are much more than humanitarian commitments to alleviate physical distress: they testify to mutual, cross-border respect.
The projects serve society and strengthen confidence in a future.

Where we overcome the limits of isolation:

We always work together with local institutions and organizations. In addition, we are in constant contact with our cooperation partners and the medical institutions in crisis areas.

We promote interdisciplinary and international cooperation.

We organize and support the participation of European doctors at congresses in Palestine and Syria. They play an active role and also give presentations.

Networking professional expertise

Through the direct exchange of expertise, various specialist groups mutually promote each other’s further education. The level of education, experience and social and cultural backgrounds allow competencies to grow in a broad and sustainable manner.

How we network professionally:

We offer the infrastructure for networking via telemedicine and train users accordingly.

We support further training to promote cooperative leadership skills for young men and women in Arab countries.

In cooperation with a plastic manufacturer in Switzerland, we are developing a breast prosthesis for women without access to reconstructive surgery.

“We stand for cross-border cooperation between equals”